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25 February 2020 Troubleshooting

SC error Ricoh IM C4500

Reset SC procedures

The ‘SC Table’ section shows the SC codes for controller errors and other errors. The latter are put into four types. The type is determined by their reset procedures. The table shows the classification of the SC codes.

Automatic Reboot Target SC error Ricoh – Reset SC

• When an ordinary SC (type D) is generated, an automatic reboot is performed. When an event is reported by the customer support system, even in the event of an ordinary SC, reboot is not performed. During automatic reboot, a confirmation screen is displayed after the reboot.
• When automatic reboot occurs twice continuously, an SC is displayed without rebooting, and logging count is performed. Also, when an SMC print is output, an * mark is added alongside the SC number for clarity.
• Automatic reboot can be enabled or disabled with SP5-875-001 (SC automatic reboot setting) (default value: ON).

SP descriptions

• SP5-875-001 (SC automatic reboot: Reboot Setting)
Enables or disables the automatic reboot function when an SC error occurs.
0: The machine reboots automatically when the machine issues an SC error and logs the SC error code. If the same SC occurs again, the machine does not reboot.
1: The machine does not reboot when an SC error occurs.
The reboot is not executed for the pattern A or C.

SC Logging

When an SC is generated, the “total count value when the SC is generated” and the “SC code” are logged. However, if the total count value during the SC is the same as last time, logging is not performed.
Logged data can be checked by outputting an administrative report (SMC print). The SC history is logged up to the last 10 entries, and if there are more than 10 entries, data are progressively deleted starting from the oldest.

Engine SC error Ricoh

SC 100 error Ricoh (Engine: Scanning)

SC 200 error Ricoh (Engine: Image Writing)

SC 300 error Ricoh (Engine: Charge, Development – Image Processing 1)

SC 400 error Ricoh (Engine: Scanning – Image Processing 2)

SC 500 error Ricoh (Paper feed and Fusing)

SC 600 error Ricoh (Communication)

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